How to play an E7 chord on piano

In this lesson you’ll learn how to play every variation of a chord of E7 on piano, including its root position, first inversion and second inversion.


E7 - Root position

Play chord of E7
E7 on piano

The notes required to play a chord of E7 on piano are as follows:

  • E
  • G#
  • B
  • D

For the standard root position in your right hand, start by placing your thumb on E. Put your second finger on the G#, and stretch your third up to the B. Finally, use either your 4th or 5th (pinky) finger – whichever is more comfortable – to play the remaining note, D.

E7 root position on piano
Here's how it sounds:

E7 - First inversion

Also written as E7/G#
E7 first inversion on piano
Here's how it sounds:

E7 - Second inversion

Also written as E7/B
E7 second inversion on piano
Here's how it sounds:
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