Dm7 Piano Chord

Learn the right way to play a chord of Dm7 on piano
Dm7 Piano Chord - How to play a chord of Dm7 on piano
A chord of Dm7 on piano is built by playing the notes D F A C

What is a Dm7 chord?

The D Minor Seventh piano chord is often abbreviated to just “Dm7”, and is a four-note chord made up D, F, A and C. It is very similar to a standard chord of Dm, with an extra note of C added for color.

Chords related to Dm7

There are a number of other chords that share a similar harmonic family as the chord of Dm7 on piano, meaning all of these will always sounds good when played in the same chord sequence:

Chord name Required notes
G Major G B D
A Major A C# E
B Minor B D F#
D Minor D F A
E Minor E G B
D Major D F# A

List of all D chords on piano

D MinorD MajorDmaj7D7DmM7D6Dm6D5D9Dm9Dmaj9Dsus2Dsus4Ddim7Daug7

What are piano chords?

A piano chord is formed when two or more notes are played on a piano or keyboard at the same time. Click here to read our complete guide to learning how to play chords on piano now!

Written by Duncan La Barre – The Piano Expert
Last Updated: November 14th, 2022