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Amaj7 Piano Chord - How to Play Amaj7 on Piano

Amaj7 Piano Chord - How to Play Amaj7 on Piano
Amaj7 Piano Chord - How to Play Amaj7 on Piano

In this lesson you’ll learn how to play every variation of a chord of Amaj7 on piano, including its root position, first inversion and second inversion.

Amaj7 - Root position

Play chord of Amaj7
Amaj7 on piano

The notes required for an Amaj7 piano chord are as follows:

  • A
  • C#
  • E
  • G#

It can be a little tricky playing all four notes of an Amaj7 piano chord in your right hand. To make life easier, play the A with your left hand thumb. Then use your right hand to play a triad chord using the remaining notes of C#, E and G#.

Once you’re comfortable, try playing two octave A notes in your left hand. You can also play a E note in between them both to make the chord sound even more full and rich.

Amaj7 root position on piano
Here's how it sounds:

How to build a chord of Amaj7

E flat major, like all triads, consists of three notes. This chord is formed by combining the root note, Eb, major third, G and perfect fifth, Bb of the major scale. Eb – G – Bb. In other words, you play notes 1, 3, and 5 of the scale. Play these notes simultaneously and there you have it, an Eb major chord!

All major chords follow the exact same pattern: start with the ROOT note, go up FOUR notes, then go up THREE notes.

But what does this mean in practice? For a chord of Eb major, start with your thumb on the root note (the root note is the name of the chord you're playing - in this case, Eb). The next note is FOUR notes above the root (G). Then the final note is THREE notes above that (Bb).

For example:

  • Start with your thumb on Eb
  • From the Eb, go up FOUR notes to G
  • From the g, fo up THREE notes to finish on Bb

And that's how you build a chord of Amaj7 on piano. That's all there is to it!

How an Amaj7 chord looks in sheet music

This is a diagram of how a chord of Eb major is written on a score. The Eb sits at the bottom of the chord stack. the G is in the middle, with the Bb sitting at the very top.

Chord of Eb in sheet music

Amaj7 - First inversion

Also written as Amaj7/C#
Amaj7 first inversion on piano

A First Inversion chord of Amaj7 uses the exact same notes as the Root Position, but played in a different order. Play two octave C# notes in your left hand. Your right hand can then make up the other notes - E, G# and A.

Here's how it sounds:

Amaj7 - Second inversion

Also written as Amaj7/E
Amaj7 second inversion on piano

Here's how it sounds:
Learn about chord inversions on piano
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